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“I’m a calm, relaxed and happier person now, and that means happier and contented residents.”  Ellen


What’s new

No negative| Age UK Blog

Some lovely images from an exhibition of winning photographs that are challenging and stimulating debate around perceptions of ageing.  Click here.

Attaining and Retaining the Best Staff

Simple powerful process that will increase engagement and loyalty.  Next workshop 23 Sep in Ascot
This workshop will give you the tools you need to ensure that your staff feel that your home is a great place to work, not because of pay or T&C but because they can’t wait to come to work.
Click here for more information or ring 07765045939.


Mobile Care Monitoring

Mobile Care Monitoring is a system that incorporates hand held devices (like iPhones and iPads) to collect evidence of care at the point of delivery, with processes built in to provide protection to service users and staff. Through efficiency, accuracy, transparency and team working the system will enable time savings for everyone involved in care allowing more one to one time with service users, and also providing increased profitability through reduced staff induction costs and increased income.

‘Dementia is a team game’

This is a really short, sweet and very special blog by an 11 year old.  It inspires and breaks through the clouds of dementia and lets the sun in. Click here to read.

Why Scie has launched the Find Me Good Care website

The Social Care Institute for excellence has created an online service to help people make decisions about their care.  Chief executive Andrea Sutcliffe explains the thinking behind it here.

What I would like in a care home

Click through to find Jeanni Barlow’s view of the sort of care home she would like.  Is this the sort of home you would want?

The new CQC regime for care home inspectyion

A report in the bmj by David Oliver.

My Home Life: Promoting quality of life in Care Homes

This report presents findings from a three-year research and development project aimed at supporting leadership in the care home sector and enabling improved ‘voice, choice and control’ for those living in, dying in, working in and visiting care homes.

Turn around programme

Would you like to make small but vital changes that will lead to outstanding care and performance? This programme will show you how to initiate and sustain the change.

Commissioning booster

A programme to assist the leadership in setting out the values, vision and strategy together from the outset.

Together creating truly great care for older people