living, loving, laughing, learning

Living, loving, laughing, learning

“As we grow older, we must discipline ourselves to continue expanding, broadening, learning, keeping out minds active and open.”

Clint Eastwood

Elderly couple dancing

Living, loving, laughing and learning

Imagine a care home where you go in and you see people living life fully.

Living: Whether they are still very active or frail, they are involved with life and living it as fully as they are able, not just sitting round the edge of the room numbed out gazing at a TV. However limited they may be in their ability, they are using the resources they have, be it in the kitchen, with an animal, in the garden or laundry, with another person, writing or listening to music.

Loving: You see people loving, connecting with each other and caring, pouring out a cup of tea for one another, listening to each other, being patient and kind, giving each other positive surprises like a note of thanks or simply saying thank you.

Laughing: You see people laughing with one another: cheerfulness, smiles, fun and laughter are part of what makes life sweet. Never laughing at someone but often laughing with someone brings a sense of happiness. Laughter lightens the load and makes the whole business of growing older much happier.

Learning: Curiosity and love of learning keep us young. Learning everyday something new be it about someone’s life in the past, or hopes for the future, some new facts, some new aspects of care; being involved in the U3A or finally studying for that OU degree; doing crosswords, using the internet, actively using our brains to learn and share.

Together creating truly great care for older people