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“People often say to themselves in life that they should avoid a variety of occupation, and, more particularly, be the less willing to enter upon new work the older they grow. But it is easy to talk, easy to give advice to oneself and others. To grow old is itself to enter upon a new business; all the circumstances change, and a man must either cease acting altogether, or willingly and consciously take over the new rôle.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Here we present some of our favourite websites

Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software provides a cost effective, easy to use and reliable method of evidencing care interventions.
Mobile Care Monitoring has been carefully constructed so that it provides tangible benefits for all the stake holders it affects. The designers of Mobile Care Monitoring have been involved in IT since the ’80s, and have been involved in social care since 1994.

Cowgill Holloway

Cowgill Holloway is one of the North West’s leading independent firms of chartered accountants and business advisers, which specialises in advising and providing financial solutions to owner managed businesses both in the UK and internationally.  Services provided include Kingscrest VAT claims for care homes.

Music unlocking memories – andrew knight

The importance of music is recognised in therepeutic use with an ever increasing worldwide population affected by Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

The Wide Spectrum

The most informative site on understanding dementia. Regularly updated and packed with invaluable insights and resources from Gemma Jones, world expert in dementia. Its purpose is:

  • “to help promote good dementia care through providing information, newsletters and supportive educational / teaching materials.
  • to be an arena for innovations and ongoing developments in the new field of care-giving in dementia (or dementia care).
  • to highlight the less visible aspects of caring – the constant balancing and support required to link the ‘external requirements’ and ‘inner aspects’ of caring well.

At this site, all aspects of caring will be acknowledged – the frustrations and failures as well as the achievements and successes. Concepts, guiding principles, current research, anecdotes will be added to the site regularly via newsletters.”

Best Companies

Our mission is to help encourage development of a better understanding between staff and employers. As such our company is dedicated to “helping to make the world a better workplace”.

Corporate Tools

The Values Centre website was created by Richard Barrett & Associates to provide information on the application of the Seven Levels of Consciousness model and the Cultural Transformation Tools ® for the cultural transformation of corporations, non-profits, NGO’s, government institutions, schools, communities and nations, as well as providing details on the use of the model and tools for personal transformation and leadership development.

Roger Darlington

Roger’s website is a goldmine of information covering everything from book reviews to essays on current events, and an article on ‘How to be Happy’. Really popular site for inspiration.

Marlow Media Group

Puzzles, Quizzes and Reminiscences

“The Marlow Media Group provides care homes and other seniors’ groups with puzzles, quizzes and reminiscing material in the form of a weekly ‘Yesteryear’ puzzle bundle. We carefully consider the content of all the puzzles we produce, so that they are both interesting and relevant to the older generation.”

rate my care

Hopefully this new resource will be a little like Tripadvisor and will gather peer reviews to help people make good choices in care.

“People looking for residential care for themselves or on behalf of others often find it difficult to know how to find the most suitable care home or care at home, especially at a time of crisis when there are so many anxieties and problems to deal with.  RateMy-Care provides an internet platform for service users and their representatives to tell people looking for care services about their care experiences.”

‘dementia village’ inspires new care

This is a lovely and imaginative and innovative way of changing the way we think about care…………

dementia care notes

Some great resources, tips, caregiver stories for dementia caregivers in India.

Nick’s mathematical puzzles

For the more mathematically minded.


Frameworks 4 change run Compassionate Care Training that results in consistently high standards of:Compassion, Attentiveness, Respect, Equality

86 yr.old woman and her skills

This woman is a proof that we don’t have to worry about getting old……



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