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“What I get from these courses is a sense of perspective.”

ML Lloyds Bank

“The transformational workshop was just fantastic. Entering the home on the first day after the event, was like walking into a different home, people were smiling and laughing, being nice to each other and helping each other out. This translated directly onto the service the residents received. Several residents asked if we had secretly replaced the staff with look-alikes. There was a new energy in the home, one of excitement and optimism. We were on top of the world and we could change the home and make it a great place to live and work.

It truly was a transformation. I am so proud of what we have achieved since our time with Georgeanne; we use the tools for change regularly and these have helped us move through the inevitable difficulties that arise when you are running a home.”

Andrew G Mattocks-Lewis, Care Home Manager, Holland Park


Modular Programme of Short Courses for Great Care

The modular programme of short workshops and courses provide ongoing CPD for staff.  Each course is designed to build the foundation for creating the leadership and ethos in which CQC requirements will be consistently met. Whether you would like a brief one hour on-site seminar or a two hour, half or whole day workshop there are programmes that can fit in easily around your rotas.  All the workshops are practical and provide you with tried and tested tools, techniques and strategies that you can implement straight away to strengthen your care home. Each workshop encompasses  three key aspects -the well-being of staff, the truly great care of residents and the positive financial impact on the business.

If you would like to know more about our current short courses ring us on 07765 045939

Workshops and Courses

Lifting the Morale of Staff : Practical ideas to not only lift the spirits of staff but strategies on how to keep morale strong, positive and forward focused especially when the going gets tough. If you would like a new approach to retaining the best staff this is the workshop for it.

Leadership in a Time of Change: Providing leadership at a time when there is uncertainty and an avalanche of obstacles is a challenging role. This workshop looks at how to support the leader through times of change.

Being a Great Manager: As resources shrink and demands increase managers can find themselves squeezed in the middle. This workshop provides innovative ideas for being a great manager.

Ethos of Enthusiasm: While the bottom line is all important it is the ethos of enthusiasm that energizes staff and makes a home feel happy and like home. Care Homes face many demanding challenges including aging, illness and death. This workshop offers practical steps to create and sustain enthusiasm.

Building Team Spirit: This workshop explores ideas on how to build co-operation, communication and a spirit of ‘all for one and one for all’ both within and across teams throughout the whole home.

Putting the home at the heart of the Community: Case-studies of vibrant links with the wider community and practical ideas on how to successfully build mutual links within the community. Ideas for homes to both draw on the resources of the community and themselves to be a resource for the community.

Fruitful Relationships with Relatives: 10 tips for ensuring that staff and relatives work in harmony to ensure the very best of care.

Working well with Diversity: Strategies to embrace the strength that lies within diversity; tools to resolve the misunderstandings that can occur; understanding how to create a rich and harmonious many- faceted  culture.

Finding Ways to Work with Difficult People: At times other people can be very frustrating. This workshop is packed with practical ideas on how to work with ‘difficult people’, how to resolve contentious and sensitive issues and how to ensure things are not brushed under the carpet but get resolved harmoniously.

Prioritising & Decision-Making: So many things to do, so many things to juggle- how are you to see the wood for the trees? This workshop will give you some powerful techniques for prioritising so that at the end of each day and each week you can feel contented that you have indeed addressed your priorities.

No room for Abuse – strategies for all-round respect: Abuse is the most feared negative infiltrators in a well-run home, and the one to be least tolerated. This powerful workshop identifies, tackles and eliminates any underlying issues that could leave a home open to abuse. Working with staff at all levels it engenders an ethos of  mutual respect and co-operation.

Respecting & Empowering Residents: The core of great care, the key to a contented home is the empowered well-being of the residents. A practical programme of person-centred attitude and focus, is simple to implement and pays dividends.

Together creating truly great care for older people