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Courses for Residential and Nursing Homes

Caring for Care Homes courses are all designed to work together with you to create and sustain great places to live, great places to work.

We offer many on-site short courses that address your current issues.

Our full transformation programmes include:

  • Strategic leadership course
    • 3 month tailor-made programme to develop powerful leadership
  • CLEAR Programme
    • 3 month transformation programme tailor-made to develop community, leadership, ethos, appreciation and strong relationships with relatives
  • Owners Forum
    • bi-monthly meeting of forward thinking owners to provide insight, information and inspiration
  • Mentoring Month
    • a month of mentoring support to help you tackle a specific issue
  • One Day Courses for Teams
    • Lifting the morale of staff – high retention
    • Relatives and Carers working together
    • Stress reduction
    • Building strong teamwork
    • Resolving conflict
    • Powerful conversations
    • An Ethos of Enthusiasm
  • Lunch Time Themed Workshops

For more details about these courses please contact us at, or use our contact page or ring 07765045939.

Together creating truly great care for older people