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“Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.”


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Corporate & Community Responsibility

Intergenerational involvement

Caring for Care Homes is fully committed to offering a route for all members of the community to connect with the older generation in a variety of ways. Through our support we hope to enlist any young people who wish to share experiences and skills with the older members of the community. This may be as a part of a work placement, community engagement project or as an extra-curricular activity. The sharing of experience and time will greatly benefit an older person and give them a sense of connectivity with society. The young people will, if fully engaged, learn from the life experiences of that resident.

This opportunity is not restricted to young people in education, but open to anyone who wishes to offer their time and support. Unemployed members of the community may feel the same sense of loss of connectivity with society and lack of engagement with the community. This would offer them a perfect opportunity to re-engage with the world in a positive and fulfilling way. However, this would not be a one-way offering. The residents will have a vast range of knowledge that could help support an unemployed person. This might apply equally to someone returning to work after an absence from it, perhaps a new mother or someone returning from abroad.

There is a vast pool of knowledge and experience that often remains ‘untapped’ within care homes and we see it as a great opportunity to unleash this potential to engage a vibrant and dynamic environment.

Together creating truly great care for older people