Sue Coles

Living, loving, laughing, learning

“The greatest tragedy of old age is the tendency for the old to feel unneeded, unwanted, and of no use to anyone; the secret of happiness in the declining years is to remain interested in life, as active as possible, useful to others, busy, and forward looking.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Sue Coles

Community Connections and Senior Facilitator

Sue Coles

With 20 years experience working for HSBC Bank, Sue has an extensive background in Learning and Development and Graduate Recruitment & Development. Responsible for HSBC’s largest UK Graduate Programme, recruiting and developing graduates on a two year scheme to become Retail and Commercial managers. She successfully reduced the attrition rate on the programme from over 50% to 6%.

Sue now specialises in creating and delivering innovative conferences and team development activities with a business focus. This means delegates return to work with tangible learning outcomes, which in turn increases team performance and productivity. She also designs and delivers training workshops to develop people in leadership, team dynamics, graduate development and coaching skills. A qualified MBTI practitioner she is skilled in using MBTI as a tool to understand team dynamics and to facilitate change.

“Having worked for many years with the younger generation, my motivation for being involved in the Caring for Care Homes initiative is to make a tangible difference and support the connection and learning between the younger and older generations”.

“I enjoy the energy that the younger generation bring who have so much to learn. It is fantastic to be a part of the team that helps to connect them with the older generation, who have many stories to tell, and extensive knowledge and experience that can so easily get forgotten about. To be involved in creating a community of sharing, supporting and learning so that we all look forward to reaching our twilight years, is truly rewarding.”

Together creating truly great care for older people