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“Old age ought to be, and essentially is a manifestation of what is hidden in the depths of man’s nature. It might be, it should be, not an exhibition of crackling impotence and gloomy decay, but the very crown and ripening of life – the symbol of maturity, not of dissolution.”

E.H. Chapin

Our People

Georgeanne Lamont Georgeanne Lamont
Co-founder and Senior Facilitator
Angeline Ruredzo Angeline Ruredzo
Professional Standards Director
Jules Godwin Jules Godwin
Senior Facilitator
Martin Brunner Martin Brunner
Head of Mentoring and Coaching
Steve Boley Steve Boley
Senior Leadership Facilitator
Davina Lloyd Davina Lloyd
Masana De Souza Masana De Souza
Facilitator and Mediator
Suman Goel Suman Goel
Assistant facilitator and website

Together creating truly great care for older people